How to See Facebook Password Without Changing

For business professionals needing to see their Facebook password without making changes, follow these straightforward steps to access and manage your account securely. Whether through email, phone number, or username, ensure seamless access to your account.

Log in Using Your Facebook Information

First, visit and log in using one of these methods:

  • Email: Use any email associated with your Facebook account.
  • Phone Number: Enter your confirmed mobile number, excluding zeros or symbols before the country code.
  • Username: Utilize your username if it has been set up.

After inputting your password, click Log In.

If You’re Having Problems Logging In

If access issues arise, consider these troubleshooting tips:

  • If the password is forgotten, reset it by visiting the Find Your Account page. Search using your name, email address, or phone number, and follow the instructions provided.
  • Log out from all devices individually if multiple devices have logged into your Facebook account.
  • For a temporary break from Facebook, deactivating your account is an option.

For ongoing issues, clearing your browser’s cache and temporary data may resolve them.

Resetting Your Password

If a password reset is necessary, follow these steps:

Change Your Password in Accounts Center:

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right, then select Settings and privacy.
  2. Choose Settings, then navigate to Accounts Center.
  3. Click Password and security, followed by Change password.
  4. Enter the current and new password, then confirm by clicking Change password.

Note: Access to this setting in Accounts Center may not be available to everyone. If it is inaccessible, use the alternative steps below:

Change Your Password

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook and select Settings & privacy.
  2. Click Settings, followed by Security and Login.
  3. Edit your password settings by entering the current and new password, then save changes.

If logged in but the password is forgotten, follow the steps under Change Your Password, then click Forgot your password? and follow the instructions to reset it.

Reset Your Password If You’re Not Logged In

  1. Visit the Find Your Account page.
  2. Enter your email, mobile number, full name, or username associated with your account, then click Search.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

Note that the same mobile phone number used for two-factor authentication cannot be utilized for password reset. Ensure a different mobile number or email address is linked to your account.

Other Useful Resources

For additional issues like suspected account hacking or email and phone number access problems, follow these steps:

Check spam or junk folders for password reset emails and note the daily limit on password reset requests. Wait 24 hours if the limit has been reached.

What to Do If You’re Still Having Trouble

For persistent access issues, consider these solutions:

  • Ensure the email address or phone number used to sign in is accurate.
  • Verify if the account has been disabled.
  • Resolve issues with recovery codes sent to your phone or email.
  • Report any unauthorized account access or hacking incidents.

Remember, managing your Facebook account securely and efficiently is crucial for business professionals. Following these guidelines helps you see your Facebook password without changing it, ensuring seamless access to your account.

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