Support from our Community and Businesses

I love Brisbane, and that's why I spent many years volunteering in my community as a Planning Commissioner and supporter of our local businesses. The Brisbane Baylands is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will benefit the residents of Brisbane, now and through the future. This is an investment that benefits our economy and our livelihoods.

headshot of George Hawawini George Hawawini Brisbane resident and former Planning Commissioner and VP of Chamber of Commerce; President, Mangiare

My family and I have been lucky to own a business that has long enjoyed success in the wonderful city of Brisbane. Yet, I look outside my door at the huge amount of empty land that's been laden for way too long. The Brisbane Baylands has parks, restored wetlands, renewable energy, office and housing...I think this development will make huge contributions to the community that we all love.

headshot of Vanessa Garcia Vanessa Garcia Owner of 7 Mile House - Historic Sports Bar

I support the plan proposed by Paragon to develop the Baylands site with a combination of residential and commercial properties. It would seems a profound mistake to leave undeveloped such a large piece of land in the middle of an area in a huge housing crisis. Brisbane's elected leaders should enable progress and the needs of the greater Peninsula community.

Brisbane Resident South San Francisco Scientist/Research Director

I have been a proud Brisbane resident for 16 years, and I fully support the Brisbane Baylands. UPC developed a well-designed and thoughtful plan that includes everything to make a community wonderful and make our great city even better. We obviously can't build all the housing for the region. Nor would I expect that. But to have us not even consider building any housing is ludicrous. We have a housing crisis that has to be dealt with now.

headshot of Alvin Louie Alvin Louie Retired Police Officer, long-time Brisbane resident and Former City Council Candidate

I remember when I first came to Brisbane. It wasn't easy at first for my business to survive, because we unfortunately do not have that many people. I am thankful to the Brisbane community that made Melissa's Taqueria a success. However, the new Baylands neighborhood will help us stay strong. With new neighbors and new friends, everyone benefits. I look forward to seeing the site developed and finally bring value to our city!

headshot of Rafael Meza Rafael Meza Melissa's Taqueria Owner


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Project Overview

Baylands is a bold vision of regeneration, innovation and opportunity that benefits the community and region while protecting the integrity of the town it calls home.

The largest, most ambitious site transformation on the Peninsula in years, Baylands combines world-class sustainability with small town charms. Located at a transit hub in Brisbane, it will be a regional driver with innovation offices, R‌&‌D labs, distinctive residences, a thriving retail, eatery and entertainment scene, restored habitats, miles of trails and preserved open space. All on underutilized land powered by renewable energy. Just minutes to San Francisco, the airport and Silicon Valley by train, bus and BART, Baylands is the future at your door. Come say hello.

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