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Draft Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan

The Draft Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan is now available, with detailed information about the exciting plans for regenerating this 684-acre former industrial property into a valuable community, economic and ecological resource.

  • Draft Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan (PDF)
  • A Regenerative VisionThe Baylands is the largest undeveloped parcel on the San Francisco Peninsula, and holds the rare distinction of being a new project area with expansive Bay views and high visibility, as well as easy mass transit and highway access. Additionally, the site is strategically positioned to capitalize on its position at the juncture of world class research, investment and employment centers in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and the East Bay.The vision emerging for this property nestled between San Francisco Bay and the City of Brisbane is one of economic, cultural, educational and recreational opportunity. It’s a vision of regeneration for 684 acres of land previously made inaccessible by pollution and from which the community currently derives little use or benefit. And it’s a vision created in partnership between UPC and the City of Brisbane through an open process of community involvement and collaboration.The Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan provides a comprehensive land use program for the planning area along with goals, policies, and development standards to guide future public and private actions relating to the area’s development, creation of a public open space network, and re-establishment of healthy ecological functions. The Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan also identifies necessary infrastructure and circulation improvements to accommodate proposed growth and a strategy for ensuring coordinated implementation.Baylands ComponentsThe proposed development is the culmination of a multi-year effort to establish a framework for future growth within the 684-acre vacant site. These plans currently consist of roughly 12 million square feet of development featuring:
    • Parks, recreation and open space (active and passive uses)An entertainment district that could include an arena, concert theater and cineplexRetail (restaurants, grocery, neighborhood and regionally serving)Class-A office spaceResearch and development (state-of-the-art facilities)Light industrialResidentialHotels (short-term and extended stay)Convention/Exhibition Center
    Planning AreasThrough a careful and open public process, a variety of uses have been identified for the Baylands project that emphasize neighborhood-scale living, generous open space and recreation, community-serving businesses and close connection between jobs, transit and homes.Click the land use map below to view a larger, printable PDF version in a separate window.

Formulation of the final size, location and programming of the Baylands will continue to be an iterative process, informed by ongoing technical analysis, economic feasibility and community goals and objectives. UPC believes that it will be helpful at this point to explore more specific qualitative issues that will further define potential uses for the Baylands.

Baylands Institute for Clean Energy

Among the most exciting opportunities that the Baylands project offers Brisbane and the region is the focus on making it a major hub for clean technology businesses. UPC has been a longtime and leading supporter of cleantech innovation, championing California policies aimed at addressing climate change, improving energy security and reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources. And the Baylands project, with its dedication of commercial office space for cleantech employers, researchers and investors, can make Brisbane an international magnet for the cleantech sector.

The Roundhouse Planning Area is specifically designated for housing cleantech companies and other institutions that will lead the way forward in this fast-emerging industry.

Multi-Modal Transit Network

Critical to achieving the village-like character that Brisbane residents rank among their top priorities is providing a thoughtful and efficient transportation network. The Brisbane Baylands project incorporates a highly integrated transportation network that promotes transit use, gives high priority to walking and bicycling while discouraging the use of automobiles.

A comprehensive system of bicycle and pedestrian routes will be provided, connecting the Baylands both internally and externally to surrounding communities. The Baylands will create strong connections to existing local transit systems, including SamTrans, CalTrain and Muni, and provide for future expansion opportunities.

Download the Transportation Land Use Plan (PDF)
Download the Regional Transit Map (PDF)

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